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Summer Days Dyeing

Summer finally came roaring with several days of temperatures around 30C (yea, hot for Denmark!). We’ve been outside almost all the time, except the times I’ve had to go into the house and check my dye pot on the stove. Our garden is wonderful right now, the highlights are Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) flowering thyme […]

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Trip to Japan – Part Two

I’m still busy digesting all the impressions from our trip to Japan, and I wrote about our visit to Tezomeya and Avril here. But I think the highlight of the trip in terms of natural dyeing was our visit to Aizen Kobo. It was a rainy day (and it seems that when it rains in […]

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Planning my Dye Garden

Although I’ve had unsuccessful attempts in the past at growing dye plants myself, I’m determined to try it again this year. But it’s always a good idea with a plan B, and that’s my sister. Last year, she grew Coreopsis in her garden, and since she is not a dyer herself, she decided to give […]

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